Blue Man Group Case Study

Using a Multi-Screen Strategy to boost Ticket Sales

Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group ticket sales in Chicago were suffering due to the aging of the show and a sluggish economy. As Blue Man’s longtime TV buying agency, our goal was to generate excitement and introduce Blue Man to new audiences, ultimately boosting ticket sales.



Understanding the importance of creating multiple touchpoints to reach an active, on-the-go audience, MN&Co (formally YMI) partnered with local ABC affiliate WLS-TV to develop a multi-screen program featuring a combination of broadcast, online, mobile and taxi video. Additionally, we promoted this with a 2-Week contest to win a trip for four to see the newly opened Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas.



The strategic, multi-screen approach program delivered over 7.5 million impressions across all media during the first two weeks of October and generated 2,098 contest entries. As a result, full-price single ticket sales increased 6% during this period.