About Us

MN&Co is a media buying agency built on curiosity.

When you’re curious about something, your mind opens up to new ideas. When those ideas come, so does opportunity. Being curious keeps us agile as the media landscape evolves. It’s why we’ve remained a successful media planning & buying  agency for over 40 years and why many of our clients come–and stay.

So how did we get so good? Well, we’re not giving away any secrets, but..

 Buying & Implementation
Great ideas and even greater execution
Our continual curiosity offers clients a level of strategic thinking that delivers solutions which are more informed, and ultimately, more effective.
Plan Development
Your Move
With an ever-evolving media landscape, you need a team that is agile, responsive and engaged, with smart people in each discipline leading the way. And that would be us.
Campaign Monitoring & Optimization
Years of experience put to work for you
Don’t let our little office in North Andover fool you. We cut our teeth on the mean streets of Boston. We’re a sharp, experienced team. We’re tough negotiators who work hard to get the best pricing and most added value for our clients.

Oh, did we mention that we’re also witty?

We kind of are. Just ask us.

Meet our Team