Media Director, Account Services

Adrienne Palen

An Eagle-Eyed Client Partner

As the Director of Account Services, Adrienne embodies the essence of organizational brilliance, strategic acumen, and client-focused dedication. Her legacy is not just in the flawless execution of campaigns but in the lasting impact she leaves on the culture and success of our agency.

Adrienne Palen serves as the linchpin of our agency, wielding her expertise as the Director of Account Services. With a laser focus on detail and a strategic mindset, she ensures that every campaign leaves our doors seamlessly executed and meticulously crafted.

An eagle-eyed client partner, Adrienne’s role extends beyond overseeing final campaign details; she is a client partner with a focus on perfection. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and her commitment to excellence keeps our entire team organized and on time. As the Director of Account Services, Adrienne is the driving force behind the successful execution of campaigns, both agency side and client side.

In addition to her oversight of all media buy details and set up, Adrienne is a seasoned expert in traditional media buying, specializing in Radio and Print strategies. Her proficiency in navigating the intricacies of traditional media landscapes makes her an invaluable asset to our agency. Whether negotiating placements or strategizing campaigns, Adrienne’s expertise ensures optimal outcomes for our clients.

Adrienne’s career journey began on the sales side of media placement, providing her with a unique perspective on negotiations and added value acquisition. This firsthand experience equips her with insights that elevate our approach to client interactions. Adrienne’s ability to navigate negotiations with finesse and secure strong added value sets her apart as a strategic powerhouse.

In the dynamic world of media planning, Adrienne is a beacon of organization. Thoughtful and attentive to client needs and deadlines, she ensures that all projects are meticulously organized and on-track. Her thoughtful approach extends beyond meeting deadlines; it fosters a collaborative environment that prioritizes client satisfaction and project success.

Adrienne’s strategic mindset, coupled with her dedication to precision, positions her as an indispensable asset to our agency and clients.

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