2023 Jen

Vice President, Client Services

Jennifer Reuss

Lead Architect of Strategic Brilliance

In the dynamic world of media planning and buying, Jennifer Reuss stands as a beacon of expertise, a relentless advocate for client success, and a driving force behind MN&Co’s continued success. With her at the helm, the agency continues to redefine industry standards, delivering campaigns that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Meet Jen Reuss, the driving force, and Vice President of MN&Co. With an illustrious career marked by strategic prowess and unwavering dedication, Jen has become the heartbeat of our agency, shaping campaigns, leading accounts, and setting the standard for excellence.

Jen’s journey in the world of media planning and buying is a testament to her resilience and skill. Her extensive career, spanning both agency and channel sides of the business, has equipped her with a holistic understanding of the industry. This unique perspective empowers Jen to approach each plan with the ultimate strategic finesse, ensuring that every campaign resonates and delivers unparalleled results.

As the lead account service contact for numerous brands at MN&Co Jen is known for her meticulous attention to detail. She dives into the intricacies of each campaign, leaving no stone unturned. Her keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of strategic planning is thoroughly examined, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for the clients she serves.

In her role, Jen is the orchestrator of strategic planning decisions. Her ability to navigate the complex landscape of media planning has earned her a reputation as a strategic maestro. Whether it’s refining target audiences, optimizing media placements, or crafting innovative approaches, Jen is at the forefront, shaping the agency’s vision and direction.

Jen’s work ethic is unparalleled. Appointed by her co-workers as THE office workaholic, she approaches each client’s account with a level of dedication as if it were her only one. Her commitment to servicing clients goes beyond the ordinary, fostering relationships built on trust and a shared commitment to success. Clients working with Jen know that they have a partner who is as invested in their success as they are.

Jen’s influence extends beyond her role—it permeates the entire agency. Her constant drive to ensure optimal campaign deliveries and her role as the backbone of the company make her an invaluable asset. The team looks to Jen for guidance, inspiration, and leadership, knowing that her commitment to excellence sets the bar for everyone.

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