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Senior Manager, Digital Media

Kacie McFadden

Architect of Precision and Optimization

Meet Kacie McFadden our Senior Manager of Digital Media and the mastermind behind strategic programmatic performance, in-house trading and optimization. Kacie’s role is pivotal in ensuring that every digital campaign not only delivers but achieves optimal efficiency and effectiveness within our client’s dedicated advertising windows.

Kacie’s expertise lies in strategic programmatic planning, where she navigates the intricate world of digital campaigns with precision. Her keen attention to detail and strategic mindset enables her to build optimal targeting segments that align seamlessly with our clients’ needs and target audiences.

Kacie is the heartbeat of every digital campaign, touching each one daily to ensure delivery and optimal performance. Her commitment goes beyond automation; she meticulously makes strategic decisions by hand, crafting campaigns that not only meet but exceed our clients’ goals and conversion needs.

Working seamlessly with our entire digital team, Kacie provides updates and feedback on strategic optimizations needed. Her collaborative approach extends to internal teams and clients alike. Kacie’s ability to collaborate ensures that every campaign is a collective effort, and her hands-on approach sets the stage for success.

Kacie partners with our media specialist to develop insightful, easily digestible reports that transcend typical campaign insights. Her reports not only provide valuable data but also serve as educational tools for clients, illustrating how insights and outcomes can shape future campaign targeting, goals, and conversion data collections.

In the realm of programmatic management, Kacie stands as the queen of  efficiency and effectiveness. Her ability to balance strategic decision-making with hands-on optimization sets her apart, ensuring that campaigns don’t just run but excel in achieving our clients’ objectives.

Kacie is not just a programmatic manager; she’s an educator, collaborator, and innovator. Her collaborative spirit, combined with her dedication to precision, makes her an invaluable asset to our team and clients. Kacie’s strategic mindset doesn’t just optimize campaigns—it elevates the entire digital landscape.

In the ever-evolving world of programmatic advertising, Kacie is not just a manager; she’s a conductor orchestrating campaigns with precision and insight. Her ability to touch every campaign with a strategic hand, coupled with collaborative excellence, cements her as a driving force behind our success in the digital realm.

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