President & CEO

Melissa Noyes

The Unconventional Trailblazer

Melissa’s story is not just about breaking through glass ceilings but shattering expectations. Her unconventional path serves as inspiration for aspiring professionals, proving that dedication, grit, and a passion for learning can forge a remarkable career in the competitive world of advertising and media strategy.

With a passion for media planning and a relentless drive for success, Melissa Noyes stands at the helm of MN&Co, a dynamic media planning and buying agency known for its strategic prowess and industry impact.

Melissa’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and hands-on experience. Starting as a data entry clerk at Arnold Fortuna Lawner Cabot in Boston, she carved her path in the competitive world of advertising. Instead of opting for a traditional college education, Melissa entered the work force and once at Arnold, she quickly discovered a passion for the ad community and chose to immerse herself in the real-world dynamics of advertising and media strategy.

Throughout her career, Melissa honed her skills by collaborating with some of the most talented minds in the industry. From large agencies to boutique firms, she soaked in knowledge and expertise, continuously elevating her craft. This hands-on approach not only shaped her unique perspective but also fueled her ascent to working on campaigns for some of the nation’s biggest brands.

As the driving force behind MN&Co. Melissa brings a strategic vision to every campaign. She prides herself in the team she has built and their ability to navigate the evolving media landscape and deliver innovative solutions that has positioned the agency as a trusted partner for brands seeking impactful media planning and buying strategies.  From comprehensive media plans to targeted buying strategies, the agency excels in propelling brands to new heights. Melissa remains committed to pushing boundaries, ensuring that each client’s story is told in a way that captivates audiences and drives results.

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