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Finance Manager

Tina DiPietro

Guardian of Fiscal Integrity

In the realm of finance, Tina stands as a sentinel of accuracy and reliability. Her commitment to reconciliation, scope adherence, and timely payments ensures the financial health of our agency. Tina’s role is not just about numbers; it’s about preserving the fiscal integrity that forms the foundation of our success.

Meet Tina DiPietro, our Finance Manager, the meticulous guardian of fiscal integrity within our agency. Tina’s role is pivotal in maintaining financial stability, overseeing billing reconciliation, and ensuring adherence to scopes of work and contracts.

As the Finance Manager, Tina undertakes the critical responsibility of reconciling all vendor and client billing. Her meticulous approach ensures that financial transactions align seamlessly with established scopes of work and contracts. Tina’s keen eye for detail and dedication to accuracy make her an indispensable asset in maintaining fiscal transparency.

Tina serves as the watchdog for scopes of work and contracts, ensuring that both the agency and clients adhere to established agreements. Her role involves painstaking scrutiny, guaranteeing that financial transactions align with the agreed-upon terms. Tina’s commitment to contractual integrity safeguards the financial health of our agency.

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